apulSoft apQualizr
High precision equalizer/analyzer
For customers still using the old apQualizr, here are download links to the last released versions.  

  • Download apQualizr 1.4.1 for OS X
  • Download apQualizr 1.4.1 for Windows
  • Download apQualizr 1.4.0 for OS X
  • Download apQualizr 1.4.0 for Windows

  • There used to be a time when apulSoft apQualizr had a nice 4 letter name.
    Then came the lawyers.

    In order to maintain compatibility with old projects, the last two versions before the name change can be downloaded here. To unlock these, a serial with the old prefix is needed.  

  • Download version 1.3.2 for OS X
  • Download version 1.3.2 for Windows
  • Download version 1.3.1 for OS X
  • Download version 1.3.1 for Windows