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Oct 27th, 2022 - cpp macOS

Clang-Format Xcode Automator Quick Action

The command line tool clang-format allows to apply a configurable format to c++ sources. While being supported officially by Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, Xcode on macOS has no official support.

As far as I know, existing 3rd party Xcode extensions are either broken with the latest Xcode versions or ship with their own (and outdated) versions of clang-format. To get consistent results, the same clang-format version needs to be used everywhere.

I was looking for a way to use an up-to-date version of clang-format (installed and updated using homebrew)

My solution is to use the macOS built-in Automator. It can send the currently selected text through a shell script:

  • Install clang-format (version >= 14) using homebrew.
  • Open Automator.app
  • Create a new "quick action"
  • Copy/paste the following script and replace the [CONFIG_FILE_PATH] placeholder with the correct path to your clang-format config file.
    # requires clang-format v14 or better!
    /opt/homebrew/bin/clang-format --style=file:[CONFIG_FILE_PATH]/.clang-format
  • Configure the Automator action:
  • Save the "Quick Action" with a descriptive name.
  • It now shows up in the "Services" context menu of selected text in the target applications.
  • Open System Preferences and navigate to Keyboard/Shortcuts.
  • Under the "Text" category, the chosen name should show up and a keyboard shortcut can be assigned.

Now in Xcode (or any other C++ source editor), a piece of code can be selected and the keyboard shortcut will process it using clang-format. Usually, I do a select-all/format combo to format entire files.

When working with large legacy codebases I like to have the option (using manual selection) to format just the new code to avoid getting those huge and confusing reformat git diffs.