apulSoft FX Bundle

The apulSoft FX bundle contains apTrigga3, apQualizr2, apShaper, apUnmask and apVerb. Purchase five plugins at once and pay 50% less.

Bundle buyers receive five separate serials and can download the latest versions of the plugins from here.

System Requirements
  • macOS 10.11 or newer on an Intel or Apple Silicon CPU (64-bit only).
  • A cpu with AVX support for apVerb on Windows.
  • Windows 7 or newer (64-bit & 32-bit supported).
  • A host application compatible with AudioUnits or VST2/3 plugins or Pro Tools (>10.3.5, AAX)

product price
apTrigga3 $69
apQualizr2 $79
apShaper $59
apUnmask $39
apVerb $69

total $315
50% discount -$158

FX bundle $157